Your productive environment
powered by Enterprise Imaging

How does Enterprise Imaging give you a productive environment that supports you and your professional staff to deliver quality patient care efficiently?

Features that make the difference
Enterprise Imaging brings together, in a single, converged platform, the features and tools you need to create a productive environment, including:

  • Advanced, Dynamic Hanging Protocols
  • A rules-based workflow engine
  • Real-time communication and multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Embedded reporting and sectional reports

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Remote reading to attract radiologists #barco

Remote reading allows radiologists to work more efficiently, ensures optimal working conditions and a flexible work schedule. However, while radiologists may have a PACS system in their home, it requires considerably more to ensure the same level of performance, quality and security you have come to expect from medical workstations in the hospital reading room. We have a unique solution that brings dependable image quality and consistent workflow, wherever you are.

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Adoption of AI in breast screening is imminent – Barco

At Barco, we encourage medical research, especially in the field of cancer detection. For this specific AI test case, Kheiron Medical relies on Barco’sCoronis Uniti® displays and clinical tools to provide doctors with accurate insights related to artificial intelligence in breast screening. Because reliable and detailed visual information is vital to effective decision-making.

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